BRUTUS Distortion Overdrive

The DCP-02 Brutus Distortion+Overdrive!

Details about BRUTUS Distortion Overdrive

Based on Caline CP-74 “Action Replay” distortion and CP-49 Midlander overdrive

The left side Distortion: “aCTION rEPLAY” Distortion pedal has been developed to give that classic Dyna Red distortion sound. The 4 knob configuration gives you all the tone options needed to reproduce the famous Plexitone sound and that identifiable classic rock distortion.
The 4 controls are Volume, Drive, Treble, and Lomid.
The desired combination can produce a wide and dynamic sound from just above overdrive to a crunchy distortion with lots of low dirt and growl when required.

The right side Overdrive: A representation of the classic Tube Screamer, with an RC4558 chip. The overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth–simply exquisite! Also nice sustain.

The DCP-02 Brutus Distortion+Overdrive! The right side is our transparent overdrive. Roll the gain back and the volume up, you have a clean/treble boost, or set the gain to add just the right amount of sizzle to your tone. On the left side is a British-style distortion. Great for low gain to high gain tones, adjust the Lomid knob for beefy chugs, or crank it up for sharp riffs. We added a middle “voice” switch that adds a classic or modern flavor to either side. Both individually and simultaneously, switching the order gives players the option of boost, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz-like tones.

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