Based on Caline CP-71 6 BAND EQ+CP-16 Mark 4 Distortion

Details about EASYDRIVER Distortion EQ

Based on Caline CP-71 6 BAND EQ+CP-16 Mark 4 Distortion

The Left side: EQ side: Caline CP-71 6 Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies.
Each band delivers a range of ±18dB to help you find your favorite tone. The LEVEL knob controls the overall volume. The frequency bands: 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1.6kHz, and 3.2kHz.

The right side Distortion:  A great-sounding distortion pedal that replicates that Mark 4 tone. The two gain controls control the high and low levels of distortion. You can also get a larger range of tones if you have a way to manipulate the mids (such as on your amp or EQ pedal). The pedal is durably constructed with its metal enclosure, is True Bypass design, and works off either a 9v battery or power supply. Note – if you’re after that real Mark 4 sound this pedal should be used with a tube amp.

Gain1″ knob: use to increase treble distortion, and adjust to the former level of distortion.
•”Gain2″ knob: controls the amount of bass distortion, and adjusts to the saturation level of distortion.
•”LEVEL” knob: adjust the output level.

Caline DCP-04 Easy Driver Distortion EQ- Get ready to ride with our brand new distortion with an EQ for a sidecar. The right side is our Mark 4 classic Cali style distortion. Adjust both gains for high or low gain tone, then on the left with the EQ, scoop or push your tone and shape it to your liking. Both sides work individually and simultaneously. Get your motor running, and rock away.

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