Multi Power Supply

CP-201 Caline DI Box Multi Power Supply

Details about Multi Power Supply

Welcome to use Caline DI Box Multi-Power Supply CP-201. CP-201 is the first DI Box Multi-Power Supply in the world, it is also the invention patent of Caline.

When your pedalboard has no enough space for a DI Box, CP-201 is your best choice.

It can provide 10-ways of power outputs for drum effect pedal, multi effect pedal, digital delay.
The circuit has done anti-gound noise and ant-interference treatment, give you 100% effect.
Each way is independent output, and short circuit protection. Short circuit protection can be indicated by the LED lights.

When you can’t find a 18V 1A adaptor, you can power it from a 5V USB.

4 outputs 9V DC @ 100mA
3 outputs 9V DC @ 300mA
1 output 9V DC @ 500mA
1 output 12V DC @ 300mA
1 outputs 18V DC @ 100mA

1. Aluminum alloy casing
2. Power Input: 18V DC center negative or 5V USB
3. Item Dimensions: 11.2×6.4×3.4cm
4. Item Weight: 0.23kg
5. Package weight: 0.69kg
6. Package dimensions: 20×16.25x5cm

Package Includes:

1 x Caline power supply CP-201
1 x power adapter
10 x power cables
2 x polarity reversal cables
1 x English user manual

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