5 Outputs Switchable Isolated Power

Details about P5 ISOLATED POWER

Totally isolated power supply for effect pedals

5 Outputs Switchable Isolated Power
1X9V  DC  500mA
1X variable 12V-9V   DC  300mA
1X variable 18V-9V   DC  100mA
2X variable 12V-9V   DC  100mA

Material: Aluminum alloy housing
Maximum loading current: 500mA
AC Input voltage rating: 110V AC-120V AC and 220V AC-240 AC
Item Dimensions: 13.5×8.7×4.2cm
Item Weight: 600g

Package List:
1×Power Supply P5
1 * IEC wall plug
5×DC Power Cables
1×3.5mm Reversal Cable
1×User Manual

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